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About Us

Our Vision
Our vision is to become the complete global training solution provider, creating a single platform for all professional Training needs delivering Excellency without any geographical, language, and cultural barriers by adopting the differences and exploiting industrial changes. Thereby we establish a trustworthy partnership with Global organisations in sharing expertise pool to achieve Business objective more faster and easier..

Our Mission
VAVARU Institute is a pioneered organisation based in Dubai, dedicated to deliver training among professionals by incorporating global standards, updated methods, state-of the-art technologies and strategic partnering with key providers in order to ensure the professional mix of specific expertise required for each and every course we offer. We provide both Certification Preparation and Professional development training Programs across various Industries. We consider all the participants of our courses become a member of VAVARU family. It helps the participants not only to avail our support throughout exam clearance window, but also can benefit with sharing industry update, improvise knowledge base and consultation on how each one’s profile can be optimized to win their job search and career development activities.

All our courses are scrutinized and approved by the KHDA (knowledge and Human Development Authority) who is the authorised body ensuring quality of Education and updates and approving qualified education and training providers in Dubai. All our courses are approved by KHDA and we provide each participant KHDA attested certificate upon successful completion of course criteria .

Effectiveness, Quality, Efficiency, Excellency, Business Accuracy...


The previous practises in job market where you could get hired with standard Education, generic Skills and an approximate Score of 55% in interviews …with less demand of Professional Certification. The New trend in job market is that each employer requires very specific skill sets for their Role they are hiring for, with approximately 85% of score and a higher demand for related Certifications. In fact the employer requires a high level of proficiency. This demands a higher competency where the ones with high level of Expertise and Professional Certification can only get hired to a higher role

Expertise does not come by chance or itself
It is a result of real effort to properly mould knowledge, skills and experiences together into a professional Framework continuously catered by Technological advancements and Industry updates. There Certifications Plays a pivot Role Regardless of any Industry you work for, we develop your expertise in specific areas and Prepare you to obtain the Certification in your field to bring you in the Expert group by training you with extracted state of the arts practises and emerging technologies . By this way we bridge the gap of your presence in the job market from the previous state to a remarkable position to a future state.


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